Our Work


Raising the bar on youth entrepreneurship in Austin

We envision an Austin where every single youth has exposure to the entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunity to easily pursue the entrepreneurial journey that is right for him/her. We are working to bring together all parts of Austin’s YE ecosystem to build a robust engagement pipeline for youth:


Student INC’s work is focused on supporting, aligning and scaling the YE ecosystem—the organizations providing programming, the youth who could benefit, and the local entrepreneurs who want to plug in.

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Showcase presented by Student INC

  • Quarterly Strategy Summits

  • Ecosystem KPIs

  • Quarterly white papers

  • YE Ecosystem Profile

  • Quarterly Student INC Partner Alignment Meetings

  • Ongoing funding and support of YE ecosystem leading organizations

  • Calendar and Programming

  • Mentor Opportunities

  • Donor investment strategy support

  • Investment pool for youth businesses


Are you a youth entrepreneur with a product or business idea?

Tell us more about yourself and we'll connect you with the right mentor or program to take your idea to the next level!


Are you a local entrepreneur or business leader?

There are many ways to engage with entrepreneurial youth, from speaking to large groups to diving deep as a mentor with one child or team.