Austin: Becoming the youth entrepreneurship capital of the world!

Student INC is championing Austin’s youth entrepreneurship (YE) ecosystem to ensure that every single youth in Austin has equitable access to entrepreneurial learning opportunities. Even in the best school districts across the nation, the penetration rate on entrepreneurial education rarely exceeds 2%, even though 70% of students indicate an interest in starting their own business. And only 24% of 1312 business leaders surveyed believe that high school youth have adequate preparation for entrance into the entrepreneurial economy, which is accelerating at a rapid rate around the globe.

Student INC is on a mission to ignite and align the YE movement in Austin, establishing our community as the YE capital of the world.  As one of the world’s fastest growing entrepreneurial hubs, Austin is the ideal environment to build a robust and collaborative ecosystem that prepares our local youth, regardless of age, background, gender, race, or socioeconomic status, for our local innovation economy.



It takes a village to bring entrepreneurial learning opportunities to all local youth.

Student INC is a part of the Notley ecosystem